Make Today Ridiculously Awesome!

  • Totes


    Consuela Totes are perfect for life-on-the-go and pack a statement top-to-bottom embroidery and multicolored luggage tag. Topped with comfortable woven handles, multi-functional totes are trimmed in natural leather and crafted to hold its shape.

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  • Handbags, Organizers, and Pouches

    Handbags, Organizers, and Pouches

    Consuela Handbags, Organizers, and Pouches are designed to secure everything you need to take with you for a night on the town, to the office, or simply a safe and secure way to carry your ID and Credit Cards. All are made with custom leather and trademar

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  • Accessories


    Consuela Accessories complete with all the Bags, Totes, and handbags.  Trademarked ConsuelaCloth™ prints and complimentary colors are used in all tags, straps, and charms, and is known for its durability, vibrancy, and ease of care.

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Make Today Ridiculously Awesome!

Cottonwood Kitchen + Home is proud to present Consuela products both in our store and online.

Consuela is a fashion and lifestyle brand creating products and experiences that inspire individuals to find joy in the journey. Founded by Austin, Texas-based artist Conni Reed, Consuela embraces vivid color and prints based on Conni’s design philosophy: The Art of the Unmatched, which blends purposeful contradictions that yield the unexpected. Inspired by our partnerships with artists and makers around the world, our products are as tough, versatile, beautiful and resilient as the individuals who proudly wear them.


Consuela takes pride and joy in honoring the cultures and people they are so fortunate to know and have worked with over 14 years. To continue prioritizing their partnerships, Consuela advocates for cultural preservation and continue our commitment to meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with artist communities.


Consuela partners with artists of many techniques from regions throughout Mexico. Whether it's the artistry of San Gabriel Chilac's hand-embroidered textiles, Northern Jalisco's Wixárika artwork, or paper mache from Michoacan and Mexico City, we strive to ensure that the techniques are credited, and the rich history is properly shared with everyone. Our partnerships with these autonomous Mexican businesses and artists are mutually beneficial and come with our commitment to their long-term growth, recognition, and cultural protection.


Over the past fourteen years, Consuela has sought to educate themselves, and take their responsibility regarding artist communities very seriously. They strive for continual growth and learning and have dedicated teams in Austin and Mexico that bring artists, cultural organizations, and our teams together. We at Cottonwood Kitchen + Home share Consuela's goal to continue to expand our commitment through our product offerings, educational workshops, and art exhibitions.