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Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen
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Stonewall Kitchen Mustard Sweet Honey

Our Sweet Honey Mustard is a unique taste sensation. Fresh honey is perfectly blended with a subtle zing of mustard to create a satisfying multilayered effect. 8.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Seasoning Rub Turkey

Bring deep flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey with this savory combination of herbs and spices. 2.8 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Bacon Gift Set Collection

The perfect gift for bacon lovers! The delicious, savory flavor of bacon and its immediately identifiable aroma was the inspiration behind this mouthwatering collection.


Stonewall Kitchen Gift Set Collection Toast & Jam

This may be the sweetest way to thank someone. Included is a handy Toast Tongs to make this gift complete. Good Morning!


Stonewall Kitchen Salsa Spicy Corn Relish

Southwest inspired Spicy Corn Relish will add a nice kick to your favorite Mexican and TexMex cuisine. 16 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Mixer Bloody Mary

This Bloody Mary mix has an interesting twist with a subtle kick, a good amount of lemon flavor and just the right level of zesty seasonings in our Bloody Mary Mixer, because we believe no brunch is complete without the perfect Bloody Mary. Cheers! 24.8 F


Stonewall Kitchen Marmalade Orange Cranberry

The perfect balance of sweet cranberries, tart orange peel and a hint of lemon creates this wonderfully delicious Orange Cranberry Marmalade. It's truly a delightful flavor that tastes great on toast, croissants, pancakes and more. 13 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Mustard

Gluten Free sweet caramelization of slow roasted garlic mixed with aged mustard makes a pantry classic with endless possibilities. The subtle garlic taste comes through in a mustard that you'll want to put on everything. 8 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Jelly Cinnamon Apple

Tart, crisp, Granny Smith apples, a dash of cinnamon, a few drops of brandy and a hint of lemon make this a top seller. Cinnamon Apple Jelly is perfect for all breakfasts breads, makes a killer PB&J and is a sweet addition to pan juices for sautéed chicke


Stonewall Kitchen Curd Lemon

Prepared in the style of traditional English-style custard, our Lemon Curd adds a regal touch of sweet tartness to shortbread, scones, warmed gingerbread, cookies and pound cake. 11.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Salsa Mango Lime

Unique and bright tasting, Mango Lime Salsa has great zesty kick that goes with everything from crispy tortilla chips and Tex-Mex cooking to grilled chicken and seafood! 16 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Dressing Cilantro Lime

Try it on mixed greens, spinach, in homemade salsas or bean dips. It's also good as a marinade for scallops or chicken before baking or grilling. 11 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Old Farmhouse Chutney

The combination of apples, cranberries, peaches, apricots and raisins are mixed with a variety of spices for an explosion of flavor. This chutney can be used in many delicious ways with meats, fish, curried dishes or mixed into rice or couscous. 8.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Dressing Champagne Shallot Wal

Champagne vinegar, shallots and walnut oil join together for an enchanting take in this very tasty dressing. It turns any salad into a masterpiece, enhances roasted vegetables and adds an urbane style to pasta for a unique side dish. 11 fluid oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Jelly Apple Jalapeno

Carefully roasted apples mixed with fiery jalapeños. Simply serve with cream cheese and crackers for a quick appetizer or use as a glaze on chicken or pork for an after work gourmet meal. 12.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Curd Key Lime

The distinctive flavor of the tiny key limes make this traditional English spread unique yet perfect for topping warm scones or biscuits. Add a dollop to freshly baked pound cake for a sensational dessert. 11.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Aged Balsamic Vinegar adds great dimension to vinaigrettes, vegetables or sauces. Aged 12-14 years, it's mellow but with a certain intensity and distinction that can only be found in vinegars that are at the peak of perfection.


Stonewall Kitchen Black Bean Salsa

This is a zesty salsa with delicious flavor combinations that will enhance burritos or quesadillas, add excitement to grilled fish or chicken and is wonderful served simply with tortilla chips. 16 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Jam Mimosa

Made with a simple blend of oranges and champagne, this delicious jam gives you a tasty reason to celebrate and enjoy the day. Cheers! 12.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Syrup Raspberry 8.5 oz

Delicious served traditionally with pancakes or French toast, it is also great drizzled on top of ice cream, mixed in a smoothie, or a biscuit topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. 8.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Fig & Ginger Jam

This delightful blend of rich figs, tart lemons and lively ginger make a great choice for topping on scones or breakfast breads. Add deep and interesting flavors to your sautés, or use as a flavorful base for marinades and glazes. 12.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Jam Sour Cherry

Bursting with the intense flavors of generously sized chunks of cherries, our Sour Cherry Jam will delight all cherry lovers with its delicious and mouth watering taste. Fresh, warm biscuits are exactly what this jam calls for! 12.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Spread

Made with tasty whole garlic cloves, parmesan cheese and parsley, you may opt to have garlic bread every night of the week! This spread takes all the work out so you can enjoy fabulous bread quickly and easily.


Stonewall Kitchen Marmalade Lemon Pear

Sweet pears are blended with tart lemon rinds to create this unique Lemon Pear Marmalade. Perfect atop a fresh baked scone or add to pan juices for a delicious chicken or pork sauce. 13 oz.

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