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Ever since we introduced our signature Flame color in 1925, Le Creuset has been known for high-quality, colorful cookware. Our early artisans transformed the industry by bringing bold color to the kitchen. That legacy continues, and we now offer an unmatched range of vibrant, durable colors and finishes across a spectrum of materials.

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Le Creuset Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole 4QT (12" x 9") Cerise

This baking dish is a kitchen essential that beautifully goes from oven to table. Ideal for everything from baking rich desserts to roasting vegetables, marinating meats, storing leftovers and more.


Le Creuset Spoon Rest Cerise

Whether you're stirring sauces as they simmer or serving plates at the table, the stoneware spoon rest is a decorative and convenient way to keep tablecloths and countertops clean when setting down utensils.


Le Creuset Stackable Ramekin 7oz Cerise

From cakes to cobblers, gratins and pot pies, everything tastes better when it comes in a perfectly portioned individual Ramekin. Ramekins are also versatile for prepping and storing ingredients.


Le Creuset Tart Dish (9") Cerise

Le Creuset's 9.5" Pie Dish is an elegant piece that is perfect for going straight from the oven to the table. This dish is created with stoneware, which is impermeable to moisture and resistant to chipping or breaking.


Le Creuset Signature Braiser Cerise

Enameled cast iron Braiser is uniquely designed to provide steady, even heat to transform meat and hearty vegetables into tender, flavorful dishes. The shape makes it perfect for shallow frying, steaming, stews, casseroles and serving at the table.


Le Creuset Signature Saucepan Cerise

The smoothly curved interior and rounded base are ideal for stirring and reducing sauces, while an extended helper handle and a contoured main handle provide added control for maneuvering from the kitchen to the table.


Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven Cerise

The Le Creuset Dutch oven is indispensable in home kitchens. Expertly crafted from enameled cast iron, the everyday versatility of the Dutch oven makes it ideal for everything from slow-cooking and braising to roasting, baking, frying and more.


Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet - Cerise

The Signature Skillet is a versatile kitchen essential for searing, sautéing, stir-frying and more. The interior surface is finished with a black satin enamel that eliminates the need for the traditional seasoning and maintenance of raw cast iron.


Le Creuset Heritage Covered Oval Casserole 4QT (14'') Cerise

These durable stoneware dishes include tight-fitting lids and easy-to-grip grooved side handles, and are designed for a multitude of kitchen tasks, whether baking desserts, oven-roasting meats, broiling fish or simply marinating before cooking.