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Meal Makers

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Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Seasonal Mole

One of the most beloved flavor profiles south of the border, this easy molé seasoning combines chocolate with chilies, cumin and other herbs and spices for a perfect addition to your Tex Mex and Mexican cuisine


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Salt Free Raging River

This sweet and savory fan favorite brings the flavors of pure maple sugar, black peppercorns and mustard seeds, and an array of herbs to all your grilled, seared or broiled meats. Best of all, this rub does it without the salt!


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Salt Free Dizzy Dust

Want the Dizzy Dust flavor without the salt? You’re in luck with Salt-Free Dizzy Dust All Purpose Barbecue Seasoning.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Seasonal Ghost Chiles

Dangerously hot and addictively savory, Ghost offers you a tasty blend to complement chicken, fish, pork and beef.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Tsunami Spin

This unique fusion of Asian and American ingredients defies categorization. Scented with an array of Middle Eastern and Far East spices, you’ve never tasted anything like it.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Swamp Venom

If you like spicy it’s sometimes impossible to find a seasoning that works hard enough to satisfy your heat cravings. Swamp Venom delivers a punch in the mouth, with lingering heat and a complex flavor profile that will satisfy any BBQ nut.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Spicy Dizzy Dust

This spicy all-purpose seasoning works fabulously for dishes like mac and cheese, corn pudding, and sweet and spicy chicken. Get ready to dig your food, just by purchasing a bottle of Spicy Dizzy Dust today!


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Raging River

Raging River was created when a hunt for the perfect salmon seasoning turned up nothing, and many agree that Raging River may just be the world’s best seasoning blend when it comes to salmon.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Pineapple Head

Inspired by a grilled pineapple recipe that leaned heavily on cloves and cinnamon, this perfectly sweet pineapple rub complements the more tropical side of life with a little more heat and savory flavor than the original recipe.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Jamaican Firewall

Looking for a sweet heat treat just perfect for chicken wings? Jamaican Firewalk Spicy Jerk Seasoning is a kitchen favorite, with a spicy heat level, a citrusy flavor and a hint of pungent spices: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and ginger.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original IPA

A truly masterful blend that balances the exciting flavor of hops against a backdrop of citrus and chiles into one delicious seasoning you can’t wait to put on food for the grill


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Game On

Game meat is best when cooked simply, and not overcooked, and Game On! is the perfect complement. It works not just for duck, elk and other wild game, but also for meaty mushrooms such as Portobello, as well as pork, beef and similar richly flavored meats


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Dizzy Dust

With a complexity of flavor hailing from exotic spices such as pink peppercorns and smoked Morita chiles, Dizzy Dust is in a class of its own.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Dizzy Dust Coarse

While Dizzy Dust is perfect for a variety of grilling and roasting needs, if you want a BBQ seasoning that stands up to larger cuts and longer cooking times, Dizzy Dust Coarse is the rub for you.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Original Cow Lick

This Dizzy Pig original, know that this delicious beef seasoning is filled with loads of fresh ground pepper, earthy chilies, paprika, garlic and onion. It’s the perfect complement to burgers, chili, steaks, prime rib and brisket.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Fusion Peruvian

Peruvian-ish is earthy, fruity, tangy, loaded with one of the more unusual members of the chili family: aji amarillo. This has been referred to as “the chili that tastes like sunshine,” adds bold notes to Peruvian chicken and fish.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Fusion Fajita

A cunning combination of chilies, cumin and Mexican oregano, this rub enhances any protein or vegetable and stands in for taco seasoning any night of the week.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Fusion Bombay Curry

This spice blend relies on classic Indian flavors such as turmeric, coriander and fenugreek, and makes the perfect accompaniment to chicken curry, coconut curry, vegetarian curry and more.


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Fusion Bayou

Wish you could get that perfect crust on blackened fish without burning? Bayou-ish Blackening Seasoning is ideal for any Cajun-loving chef. Achieve true blackening effect while maintaining flavor and enjoying the sweet caramelization of fish, pork and ve


Dizzy Pig BBQ Company Departure Peking

Tasty results on pork ribs, chicken, sea bass, vegetable stir fry, shrimp, in a filling for dumplings, and of course duck!


Stonewall Kitchen Simmering Sauce Tikka Masala

Creamy in consistency, light in color but uniquely bold in flavor, Tikka Masala takes taste buds in new directions by delivering layers of interesting spice combinations that open worlds of flavorful possibilities. Aromatic and delicious. 18 fluid ounces.


Stonewall Kitchen Grill Sauce GarlicRsmryCitrus

This versatile and vibrant Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce is sure to become a staple in your pantry.


Stonewall Kitchen Grill Sauce Buffalo Wing

The classic Buffalo sauce is hot, buttery and tangy—the ideal condiment for baked, broiled or fried wings.