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Sweet Sauces + Snacks

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Vanilla Mexi Traditional 8.4oz

Gluten Free , all natural vanilla bean extract in purified water. Perfect for adding vanilla flavor to baking recipes, sauces, and beverages.


Savannah Bee Company Rosemary Honey 20oz

Rosemary Honey is sharp and purfumey but has a soft sweetness. It reigns from Spain.


BCT Mexi Vanilla Paste 8oz

A thick paste of Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract, Sugar, Vanilla Bean and natural thickeners. One teaspoon provides flavor comparable to a whole vanilla bean.


Stonewall Kitchen Sugar Cookie Mix

Keep a box on-hand and you will have instant delicious sugar cookies in no time. Simply sprinkle with sugar grains before baking or use cookie cutters and have the kids help decorate for extra special celebrations. Makes approximately 4 dozen cookies.


Jam Organic Classic Fig

Figs are a unique and delicious fruit with a distinctive, almost honey-like taste and crunchy seeds. A combination of ripe figs, sweet, crisp apples and a dash of tart lemon for a wonderfully full-flavored organic jam that you're sure to love. 8.5 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Peach Amaretto Jam

Fresh juicy peaches bursting with flavor are mixed with the subtle taste of almond to make this incredible Peach Amaretto Jam. 12.5 oz.


Savannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey 12oz

Tupelo Honey has buttery undertones with a soft vanishing sweetness. It reigns from Altamaha and Apalachicola River Basins of Georgia and Florida.


Jelly Watermelon

This jelly tastes like biting into a slice of perfectly ripe watermelon, boasting a refreshing sweetness from real fruit juice. Mouthwateringly delicious, it’s great on toast, with feta and crackers or served alongside classic cookout fare. 12.75 oz.


Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix

You can now make wonderfully light, mouth-watering doughnuts in your own kitchen with Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix. They require no added yeast and are baked, not fried for less mess and fat!


Stonewall Kitchen Marmalade Lemon Pear

Sweet pears are blended with tart lemon rinds to create this unique Lemon Pear Marmalade. Perfect atop a fresh baked scone or add to pan juices for a delicious chicken or pork sauce. 13 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Jelly Cinnamon Apple

Tart, crisp, Granny Smith apples, a dash of cinnamon, a few drops of brandy and a hint of lemon make this a top seller. Cinnamon Apple Jelly is perfect for all breakfasts breads, makes a killer PB&J and is a sweet addition to pan juices for sautéed chicke


Marmalade Pink Grapefruit

An elegant choice for breakfast, brunch or tea time served with toast or scones. 13 oz.


Stonewall Kitchen Marmalade Orange Cranberry

The perfect balance of sweet cranberries, tart orange peel and a hint of lemon creates this wonderfully delicious Orange Cranberry Marmalade. It's truly a delightful flavor that tastes great on toast, croissants, pancakes and more. 13 oz.


Mulling Spices 1.25 oz.

Just add cider or wine to this tantalizing combination of cinnamon, orange, lemon, star anise, vanilla and spices for a warm and toasty winter treat. Mulling ball/sachet not included.


Savannah Bee Company Saw Palmetto Honey 12oz

Saw Palmetto Honey is rich, smoky, sweet and robust and reigns from South Carolina to Florida.


Savannah Bee Company Honey for your Tea 3oz

Honey For Your Tea has a subtle sweetness and has a crisp, mellow flavor. It reigns from South Georgia.


Savannah Bee Company Charleston Honey 3oz

We are sure you'll enjoy this sweet and complex wildflower honey!


Stonewall Kitchen Dessert Sauce Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sauce, which brings some finesse to your favorite candy bar flavors! 12.5 fluid ounces.


Stonewall Kitchen Jam Raspberry Peach Champagne

Combine sweet peaches, refreshing raspberries, add a little champagne and POP! - a perfectly vibrant, sweet tasting jam to liven up your mornings. 12.5 ounces


Stonewall Kitchen Triple Fudge Brownie Mix

This Triple Fudge Brownie Mix makes deliciously dense brownies filled with chocolate, cocoa, chocolate chunks and chocolate liqueur. Makes one 8" square pan.


Savannah Bee Company Saw Palmetto Honey 3oz

The Saw Palmetto Honey is rich, smoky, sweet and robust, and it reigns from South Carolina to Florida.

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