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Whiskey Glasses + Decanters

Min: $0 Max: $50

Mud Pie Decanter Etched Stars

Gold star glass decanter features hand-painted gold etching. Holds 32oz.


Mud Pie Decanter Etched Leaf

Gold leaf glass decanter features hand-painted gold etching. Holds 32oz.


Viski Decanter Liquor Admiral by Viski

Crystal-clear cross-hatched glass encases 30 ounces of fine wine or radiant liquor in a glittering octangular decanter meant to display your finest spirits with suitable ceremony sans needless bravado. Lead-Free Crystal.


True Liquor Decanter Rothwell

This classic liquor decanter recalls the delicate arc of a royal coronet, complete with a weighty stopper atop the bottle where a jewel might otherwise sit. Hand-blown from lead-free crystal to showcase 36oz. of your choice of libation.


Fortessa Forte Whiskey Box Set

Two distinctively classic on-the-rocks glasses are paired with two spherical ice molds to create the Ultimate Whiskey set. The set has all the right tools to give your spirits the perfect chill.



Like a prism, this elegant glass refracts light in a fascinating way. Prizma’s wide bowl offers sensory enjoyment by giving the wine enough space to develop its full aromas. 3/5" diameter, 3.75" H, 13.5 oz. capacity.