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    Veronique Stroup + Jeff Hersman

    DescriptionQTYPriceVendorLook Up #
    Food + Drink    
    Any 1 Pound Coffee    
    Cook's Tools    
    Oil & Vinegar Pourer Flow Set1$37.95DKB HouseholdH103028U
    PL8 Pro Mandoline 2.01$77.95PL8PL8-1006
    Pizza Stone Set1$49.95Mud Pie42600509
    Rack Set XL Sheet1$44.95USA Pans1607CR
    Outset Cedar Planks 4pc Set1$23.95OutsetF715
    Baster Measuring1$17.95RSVPBAST G
    ChefN Shredding Tongs1$15.95ChefN5265159
    Crab Cracker ''Wisecracker''1$23.95Lifetime Brands102-174-005
    Slicer Adjustable Ceramic Blk1$19.95KyoceraCSN-202-BK
    Crank-It Citrus Juicer1$17.95ProgressiveCJ-7
    Tip Top Tongs Oyster Grey1$14.95Spectrum21019-201
    Spoon Cook's Wide Walnut1$19.95Lifetime Brands103-927-297
    Spoon Cook's Narrow Walnut1$19.95Lifetime Brands103-928-297
    Ground Meat Tool - Charcoal1$9.95Spectrum81-23109
    Better Batter Tool Grey1$15.95Spectrum81-9868
    Joie Cow Timer1$7.95Harold43363
    Serving Tongs Large1$22.95RSVPSKIPR LG
    Brush Silicone ASTD1$7.95Harold43640PRO
    Butter Bell Matte Aqua1$27.95L TremainBBCCAQUA
    Taco Bar Set1$54.95Mud Pie4171083
    Bread Box Acacia Rolling1$57.95Lipper International1146
    Multi-Roaster 20lb1$144.99SCS DirectCMRW
    Electric Skillet 5.5QT Oval1$139.95CuisinartCSK-150
    Wusthof Shellfish Sheer1$14.95Wusthof2799
    Cookie Sheet Med 13'' x 12.25''2$21.95USA Pans1020MC
    Muffin Pan 12C Blue Granite1$23.95KAF1-5114-8B
    Sifter 3C Hand Crank1$11.99Harold28014
    Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole 4QT (12'' x 9'') Caribbean1$120.00Le CreusetPG07053A-3317
    Chantal Classic Individual Pie Dish Sage Green1$19.95Chantal93-PD13 SA
    Chantal Deep Pie Dish Sage Green1$39.95Chantal93-PDDP24 SA
    Chantal Loaf Pan Sage Green1$39.95Chantal93A-LF22 SA
    Chantal Rectangular Baker 3.25QT (13.5'' x 9.5'') Sage Green1$59.95Chantal93A-RT33  SA
    Chantal Square Baker 2QT (8'' x 8'') Sage Green1$49.95Chantal93A-SQ20 SA
    Tabletop + Bar    
    Flatware Vintage 45pc Set1$139.95Zwilling22772-345
    Soho Mug Denim8$10.95TAG209190
    Soho Dinner Plate Denim8$12.95TAG209020
    Soho Bowl Denim8$11.95TAG208562
    Soho App Plate Denim8$8.95TAG208561
    The Smoking Gun1$99.95BrevilleBSM600AWCONU
    Smoking Gun Woodchip Set1$35.95BrevilleBSM600AWCONUc1
    Circa Awesome Sauce Set1$24.95Mud Pie42600466
    Enamel Salt Pepper Grinder Set1$44.95Mud Pie40250035
    Home Keeping    
    Pirouette Runner 12'' x 72'' Dove1$33.95Now Designs1062002
    Pirouette Placemat Dove8$7.95Now Designs1063002
    Small Appliances    
    Coffeemaker, Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup1$179.95CuisinartDGB-800
    Food Dehydrator1$69.95CuisinartDHR-20P1
    Blender/Food Pro Duet Gunmetal1$149.95CuisinartBFP-650GM
    Toaster 4 Slice Metal Red1$74.95CuisinartCPT-180MR
    Vacuum Starter Set Glass1$99.95Zwilling36809-007
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