Alison Wigglesworth + Jared Meacham

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THE BIG DAY: June 19th, 2021

To purchase a gift for the Happy Couple, please call us at 1.307.674.7980.

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Description Qty Price  Vendor
Food + Drink      
Teakettle Copper SOLD $160.00 Chantal
Cook's Tools      
FC SLC Mini Utensil S/2 Grey SOLD $13.99 Spectrum
Tongs Mini Grey SOLD $9.99 Spectrum
Tongs SS 11" Charcoal SOLD $13.95 Spectrum
Tongs SS 7" Charcoal SOLD $9.95 Spectrum
FC SLC Jar Scraper Grey SOLD $9.95 Spectrum
Canister Pantry Textured Med SOLD $25.99 TRUE
Canister Pantry Textured Lrg SOLD $34.99 TRUE
Colander Mesh O/S $43.99 RSVP
Cheese Slicer RSVP Marble Wht O/S $19.95 RSVP
Tilt Up Ice Cream Scoop - White SOLD $12.95 Spectrum
Measuring Cup Set S/S RSVP SOLD $41.99 RSVP
Funnel Set/3 S/S SOLD $13.99 Norpro
Measuring 2C Glass O/S $15.95 HIC
Measuring 1C Glass O/S $11.95 HIC
Flex-Core All Silicone Spoonula - Oyster Gray SOLD $9.95 Tovolo
Solid Spoon Barrel SOLD $10.99 Cuisinart
Krona 7 Wire Balloon Whisk 9'' SOLD $11.95 Norpro
Ladle Barrel SOLD $10.99 Cuisinart
Spoon Slotted Copper & Wood O/S $8.95 Cuisinart
Strainer 9.4 Inch SOLD $29.95 Zeilling
Outset Instant-Read Digital Thermometer SOLD $19.95 Fox Run
Outset Stainless 3 in 1 Chef Grill Basket O/S $44.95 Fox Run 
Outset Rectangular Pizza Grill Stone 14'' x 16'' SOLD $57.95 Fox Run 
Fry Pan 8'' ID21 CC SOLD $59.95 Chantal
Fry Pan 10'' ID21 CC SOLD $79.95 Chantal
Fry Pan 11'' ID21 CC SOLD $119.95 Chantal
Lid 8'' ID21 O/S $21.95 Chantal
Lid 10'' ID21 SOLD $25.95 Chantal
Lid 11'' ID21 SOLD $27.95 Chantal
Zuri 11PC Stainless Steel Fondue Set SOLD $99.95 Swissmar
PL8 Splatter Screen Standing 1 $23.95 Progressive
Sauteuse 5QT ID21 S/S SOLD $119.95 Chantal
Soup Pot 2QT ID21 S/S SOLD $69.95 Chantal
Stockpot 12QT ID21 S/S SOLD $149.95 Chantal
Stock Pot 6QT ID21 S/S SOLD $99.95 Chantal
Z PRO Bread 8'' SOLD $109.95 Zwilling
Z PRO Steak Set/4 2 $259.95 Wusthoff
Z PRO Santoku 7'' 1 $139.95 Zwilling
Z Pro Paring 3'' SOLD $64.95 Zwilling
Z PRO Utilty Serrated 5'' SOLD $84.95 Wusthoff
In-Drawer 7 Slot SOLD $30.99 Wusthoff
Scoop & Spread Jumbo CDU Astd SOLD $9.95 Spectrum
Appolia Square Baker 8.8'' Ecru SOLD $39.95 Peugeot
Cooling & Baking  Grid Large 2 $14.95 Nordic Ware
Scoop & Spread Large CDU Astd SOLD $7.95 Spectrum
Appolia Rectangular Baker 13'' Ecru SOLD $54.95 Peugeot
Cookie Sheet Insulated SOLD $26.99 Nordic Ware
Tabletop + Bar      
Dinner Plate Tabula White SOLD $13.95 BIA Cordon Bleu
Salad Plate Tabula White SOLD $11.95 BIA Cordon Bleu
Chowder Bowl Epoch SOLD $7.99  
Napkin Plaid Gold SOLD $21.95 KA&F
CRAFTHOUSE Bar Tool Set SOLD $89.95 Fortessa
Alhambra Glass SOLD $10.75 Rosanna
La Cite DOF SOLD $18.00 Rosanna
La Cite Highball 4 $19.00 Rosanna
CRAFTHOUSE Ice Bucket Set SOLD $99.95 Fortessa
Glass Pitcher Gold Hammered SOLD $29.95 Mud Pie
CRAFTHOUSE Shaker Set SOLD $99.95 Fortessa
Formoso Platter Deep Rectangle SOLD $34.95 Tag
Formoso Serving Bowl 1 $53.95 Tag
Organize Expand Cutlery SOLD $34.99 Totally Bamboo
Golden Millennium  Serving Platter - Medium SOLD $34.95 Pampa Bay
Golden Salerno Bowl - Medium SOLD $20.95 Pampa Bay
Plate Appetizer White/Gold SOLD $12.95 Pampa Bay
Salad Bowl Sq Med SOLD $40.95 Pampa Bay
Salad Bowl Large White Gold SOLD $50.95 Pampa Bay
Whiteware Rectangular Serving Platter 17.25'' X 7'' SOLD $24.95 Tag
Regent Concrete Salt + Pepper Mill Set SOLD $54.95 Cole & Mason
Oil and Vinegar Pourer Set SOLD $37.95 Cole & Mason
Bowl Gold Etched, Large SOLD $24.95 Mud Pie
Bowl Gold Etched, Small SOLD $19.95 Mud Pie
Platter, Marble & Gold Pedestal SOLD $39.95 Mud Pie
Bowl Set Decorative Gold Foil SOLD $47.95 Mud Pie
Small Appliances      
Coffee Bean Grinder Programmable Conical Burr Mill SOLD $99.95 Cuisinart
Ice Cream Maker Pure Indulgence SOLD $99.95 Cuisinart
Multi Cooker Cook Central 7QT SOLD $199.95 Cuisinart
Food Processor Elemental 8-Cup (Gunmetal) SOLD $99.95 Cuisinart
Gift Card SOLD $50.00 CK+H
Cookbook Stand SOLD $42.95 TRUE