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Cleavers, Boning + Fillet Knives

Min: $0 Max: $150

J.A. Henckels Z Pro Fillet 7''

ZWILLING Pro is the most user-friendly knife available to market. The ZWILLING Pro 7" Fillet Knife has a long, slim, thin, and flexible blade that efficiently fillets fish, skins tomatoes, and other precise jobs like segmenting citrus fruits.

$162.50 $129.99

J.A. Henckels CLASSIC Boning Knife 5.5''

The Henckels CLASSIC 5.5" Boning Knife boasts a precision, fine-edge blade that is honed for long-lasting sharpness. Perfect for separating meat from the bone, this slim, lightweight knife is easy to maneuver.

$46.50 $27.99