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Straight from Italy

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Balsamic Vinegar Cento

A shot of liquid espresso from the Caffe' Sant'Eustachio in Rome is encased in each dark chocolate shell. The coffee beans have been gently wood roasted, and the Bon Bons have no additives or preservatives, 100% natural. BAG CONTAINS 12 BALLS.


Flour "00" Altamura IGP 2.2LB

Ideal for bread and pasta, the "00" flour is finely milled and designed to be used for pizza dough, certain pastas and pastries. Molino Camema guarantees that their milled wheat and grain is grown and milled in the Altamura area, Puglia. 2.2 pounds.


Preserve Fig Nectar

The intense fig flavor in this fig preserve, or "Nettarina di Fichi" as it is called in Italian, comes from figs grown in the water-starved lands of Calabria. 8.12 ounces


Figs in Rum & Chesnut Honey

Called "Fruhmieli" in Italian, these amazingly tender figs are prepared by first being dried under the Calabrian sun, then sliced and marinated in rum, and finally submerged in delicious chestnut honey. The three intense flavors of fig, rum, and chestnut


Capers Sicilian Lrg

Extra large capers with caliber going from 12 to 15. These capers of Salina have more petals than other capers so the flavor is very floral. Try frying them at a high heat - they will open up, displaying many layers of petals. Serve as an antipasti dish!


Honey Coriander 8.8oz

Coriander Honey comes from a small, artisanal producer in the province of Padova, Veneto. Besides is bright, floral taste, we find it to be absolutely unique, and unlike any other honey. It is not overly sweet, but instead has a perfect balance. 8.8 ounce


Jam Calabrian Hot Pepper

Mouth watering on cheeses, especially sheep cheeses or herbal cheeses like Murazzano or Gorgonzola. Perfect balance between the hot peperoncino, lemon and sugar that makes up this jam. 8.1 ounces


Oregano Calabrian Wild Mtn

A staple of Italian cuisine, oregano is one of those herbs that is more flavorful dried, than fresh. Hand-harvested from the hot, mountainous region of Calabria, this wild oregano has unlimited uses in the kitchen, and can be tied, hung, and used as neede


Hot Pepper Flakes Calabrian

Classically sprinkled over pizza here in the U.S. Use also to give a flavorful kick to pasta sauces, meats, fish and vegetables. Pretty amphora jar can be refilled. 1.4 ounces.


Olive Spread Blk

This is one of the best olive spreads we have ever had. It is completely natural and has a pinch of herbs to round out the flavors. Use on bread as a "bruschetta", with sandwiches, meats, vegetables, or fish. 6.3 ounces


Pasta Orecchiette

This traditional pasta from the Puglia region, called "Little Ears" is made by quickly pressing the thumb over a small ball of pasta dough. 1.1 pounds


Pasta Spugnole

The "sponges" with frilly edges, also known as "radiators," hold sauce masterfully and are popular with chefs. They double in size when cooked, and are a very hearty choice. 1.1 pounds


Pasta Fricelli Handmade

Fricelli, a specialty of southern Italy and specifically Puglia where Marella is from, is hand made, has the consistency of a dumpling and tastes like fresh pasta. Serve it "Pugliese" style with fried eggplant and tomatoes. 1.1 pounds