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Pitchers + Dispensers

Min: $0 Max: $50

Fortessa COPLOY Pitcher

The look of rustic mouth-blown glass in durable, outdoor-friendly polycarbonate. Dishwasher safe, capacity: 70 oz.. Dimensions: 5.5" diameter, 9.25" Tall.


Pitcher Fleur

Old fashioned clear glass pitcher design emblazoned with the fleur. Suitable for bar use or at the table. This pitcher is 89" tall and nearly 6" in diameter. Hand wash only, do not use in microwave.


Bubble Glass Clear Pitcher Round

A  bubbly charm and festive personality; our bubble glass pitcher is handcrafted to display hundreds of miniature bubbles floating inside its walls. No two are alike. At 9" tall with a 5" diameter this pitcher holds 64 fluid oz. Hand wash only.


ICE Pitcher

Handmade artisan mouth blown glass into mold. Tiny embedded glass pieces create a textured surface. No two pieces will be exactly alike. Glass pitcher is 8"T x 6" Diameter holds 76 fluid oz. Dishwasher safe,


Bubble Glass Foliage Pitcher

Simply shaped foliage bubble glass pitchers have a truly festive charm. Each pitcher is handcrafted and designed with hundreds of miniature bubbles floating inside the pitcher, forming unique patterns and optical effects. 12"H x 4.5 dia. capacity 68oz. Ha