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Food + Drink Food + Drink Cottonwood Kitchen + Home offers a wide selection of coffees and teas as well as an assortment of sauces, snacks, and specialty foods!
Tools for the Kitchen-1
Cook's Tools Tools for the Kitchen Cottonwood Kitchen + Home stocks name brand tools for the kitchen including professional high quality cutlery, cooking utensils, and a wide selection of kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier and more creative. We also carry the items needed for food prep
Cookware + Bakeware-1 Cookware + Bakeware-2
Cooking + Baking Cookware + Bakeware No kitchen is complete without quality cookware and bakeware. Cottonwood carries quality pots, pans, and bakeware to fit any budget. We also carry the accessories for each.
Items for Your Table and Home-1
For the Homemaker Items for Your Table and Home Whether you are looking to set a great table, provide a guest-friendly bar, decorate the house, or find unique items for children and pets, Cottonwood Shop has the items to make your creativity come alive.
  • Wedding Registry

    Wedding Registry

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  • Annie Greenthumb's

    Annie Greenthumb's

    Contact the store for information about Annie Greenthumb's Flowers and Gifts. 307 674-7980 or click the link below.

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  • Caus For A Good Cause!

    Caus For A Good Cause!

    Cottonwood Kitchen + Home is proud to offer Caus Products! Caus donates 25% of their profits to charities and we decided to follow their example. We will donate 25% of our Caus profits to the Dog and Cat Shelter of Sheridan, Wyoming!

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  • Consuela


    Make Today Ridiculously Awesome!

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