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    Gift Registries

    In the form that loads, fill in the following fields:

    1. Registry Name: Title the registry as you like.  This will show as the registry’s name to anyone looking for the registry.

    2.  Active: Check this box to make the registry active (will show in search results if Public).  Leave unchecked to have the registry be inactive (won’t show in search results).

    3. Public or Private: Determine if you want this registry to be public (available to anyone, shows in search results when searching registries) or private.  Private registries do not show up in search results and require a special key (URL link provided after saving registry as private) to view.

    4. Registry Type: Determines the type of the registry this is.  Baby Shower type has a special fields for baby info, but all other types have the same fields.  Type can be used when searching for a registry.  The options displayed here can be controlled by the “Registry Type Options” setting in the app’s Settings tab.

    5. Event Name: Enter a name for the event this registry is for.

    6. Event Date: If event for this registry is occurring on a particular date/time, set that here.  The registry will no longer show to public after the event date has passed.

    7. Event Description: Describe the event this registry is for.

    8. Registrant Name: Your name, or the name of the primary person this registry is created for.

    9. Registrant Email: The email address that should be notified when an item is purchased for this registry.

    10. Co-Registrant Name: Commonly used for spouses name (if wedding or baby shower). If registry type is Baby Shower…
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