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    Baker's Rolling Pin with Red Handles

    Baker's Rolling Pin with Red Handles

    A rolling pin is a kitchen basic that every baker needs no matter how small. USA made hardwood Mini Rolling Pin is the perfect size for rolling dough or pastry. Lifetime guarantee.

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    $ 19.95 Excl. tax
    Rolling Pin Gourmet 12"

    Rolling Pin Gourmet 12"

    One of three JK Adams pins chosen as America’s Test Kitchen’s Best Rolling Pins on the market, this is a kitchen basic that every cook needs. Made with waxed hardwood barrels, these affordable pins have a full-length steel axle. 12" Rolling area.

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    $ 31.95 Excl. tax
    Rolling Pin White Marble

    Rolling Pin White Marble

    Marble is the perfect surface to roll out dough. Not only does it absorb any heat from the dough but it also keeps it cool.

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    $ 27.95 Excl. tax
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