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Meat, Seafood + Dairy

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Norpro Tortilla Making Press

There is nothing like the taste of homemade corn tortillas! They taste so much better than store bought and with this press, you can make homemade tortillas in no time.


Norpro Meat Hammer Grip-Ez

Dual-sided hammer is perfect for tenderizing or flattening chicken, beef, pork or venison.


Cuisinart Seafood Tool Set 8 PC

Perfect for lobster or crab legs.


RSVP Oyster Knife Endurance

Our oyster knife features a short, strong, 18/8 stainless steel blade with blunt tip and edges to better penetrate the oyster shell.

RSVP Egg Separator Endurance
Sold out

RSVP Egg Separator Endurance

18/8 stainless steel Separates the egg whites from the yolk Easy to install and remove from the side of any bowl, glass, or pan


RSVP Baster Measuring

Silicone bulb baster features a clear, BPA-free resin tube that is heat safe up to 225°F / 105°C.


Norpro Taco Shell Fryer Tongs

Use to mold tortillas into fresh, crisp, fried taco shells! Simple and easy to use! Perfect tacos every time!


Chef'n Crab Cracker ''Wisecracker''

Ah, delicious fresh crabs—but what a nightmare to work with. Take a crack at them with the WiseCracker™. Simply push into the shell, squeeze the handle, release, and split to reveal perfectly exposed crab meat. Now where’s that lemon? Ergonomic handle