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    Condia Gonzales + Jake Mahar

    Condia Gonzales + Jake Mahar

    Wedding Date is September 9th 2023 at the Equestrian Center

    To purchase a gift for the Happy Couple, please call us at

    307 674-7980


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    FOOD + DRINK    
    Teakettle Classic Stainless1$129.95ChantalSL37-19
    French Press Eileen 8C Shiny1$54.95Bodum11195-16US
    COOK'S TOOLS    
    Prokeeper+ 9 PC Set1$74.95ProgressivePKS-9PC
    Prokeeper+ Mini2$9.95ProgressivePKS-401
    Pro Keeper+ Coffee Large1$33.95ProgressivePKS-603
    Pro Keeper Pasta1$27.95ProgressivePKS-140
    Prokeeper Herb1$27.95ProgressivePKS-930
    Bacon Press 9" Round1$29.95Norpro1401
    Outset Flex Skewers 4pc Set1$21.95Fox Run BrandsQS82
    Baster S/S1$14.95Norpro5898
    Outset Pizza Grill Stone 16.5'' Round1$63.95Fox Run BrandsQZ46
    FC S/S Mini Utensil S/2 - Pesto1$21.95Spectrum60003-500
    FC S/S Jar Scraper - Pesto1$17.95Spectrum41009-500
    Flex-Core SS Handled Spoonula-Pesto1$17.95Spectrum44003-500
    Kilner Sour Dough Starter Kit1$29.95Typhoon25.035
    Peacock Pakka Mini Slotted Spatula1$7.95Willshire Industries41474
    Funnel Wide Mouth w/ Strainer1$14.95Norpro241
    Pro Grater, Fine1$24.95Microplane38004
    Whisk Everything1$9.95Norpro2309D
    Whisk Saucinator1$13.95Norpro2351
    Malibu Groove Carving Board 18"x12"x.75"1$34.95Totally Bamboo20-1330VG
    Cutting Board Bendy Flex Jr S/2 - White/GreenSOLD$11.95Linden Sweden4332
    Bamboo Expandable Trivet1$21.95Totally Bamboo20-6628
    Vellum Footed Cutting Board with Juice Groove 14.75"x10.625"x.25"SOLD$23.95Totally Bamboo25-8904
    ZWILLING Strainer 7.8''1$24.95Zwilling39643-020
    Mixing Bowl Set with Non-Skid Base + Lids1$64.95Norpro10446
    7.75" Pompei Glass Bowl1$14.95Bormioli & Luigi417060M91321990
    9" Pompei Glass Bowl1$19.95Bormioli & Luigi193010M01321990
    Measuring 4C Glass1$21.95Harold4904
    Measuring Cup S/3 Easy Read1$19.95ProgressivePS-3430
    Adjustable Measuring Cup, 2C1$17.95Norpro3046
    Magnetic Nested Measuring System - Assorted Grays, Deep - Indigo1$27.95Spectrum12015-999
    Utensil Crock Sandstone Terrain1$27.95Now Designs Danica5089011
    Tool Crock White Ceramic1$29.95Lifetime Brands103-930-298
    Endurance Food Mill1$69.95RSVPFDML
    Herb & Spice Carousel1$69.95DKB HouseholdH121808U
    PL8 Salt Cellar1$25.95ProgressivePL8-1920
    Multi Cooker 8 Qt S/S1$99.95RSVPCOOK-4IN
    Signature Round Dutch Oven 5.5QT Artichaut1$419.95Le CreusetLS2501-26795SS
    Signature Round Dutch Oven 7.25QT Artichaut1$459.95Le CreusetLS2501-28795SS
    Stockpot 8QT Artichaut1$114.95Le CreusetN5100-22795
    Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole 4QT (12x9) Artichaut1$134.95Le CreusetPG07053A-33795
    Heritage Covered Square Casserole 2.5QT (9) Artichaut1$114.95Le CreusetPG08053A-23795
    Heritage Loaf Pan 1.5QT/1LB (9"x5"x3") Artichaut1$55.95Le CreusetPG1049-23795
    Signature Iron Handle Skillet (10.25") Artichaut1$219.95Le CreusetLS2024-26795
    Signature Iron Handle Skillet (9") Artichaut1$174.95Le CreusetLS2024-23795
    Signature Sauteuse (3.5QT) Artichaut1$299.95Le CreusetLS2598-24795SS
    Signature Square Grill Skillet (10.25") Artichaut1$224.95Le Creuset2.0183E+13
    Felt Cookware Protectors S/3 - Black1$17.95Le CreusetFP300N-31
    Lid Stainless Steel 10"1$21.95Nordic Ware11110
    Lid Stainless Steel 12"1$25.95Nordic Ware11112
    WUSHTOF In-Drawer 7 Slot Acacia2$39.95Wushtof2159620704
    GLOBAL Utility Knife 4.25"1$59.95ScanpanGSF-22
    GLOBAL Boning Flexible 6.25"1$109.95ScanpanG-21
    GLOBAL Veg Knife 7"1$124.95ScanpanG-5
    Jelly Roll Pan S/S 10x151$29.95Norpro3865
    Baking Pan Platinum English Shortbread1$44.95Nordic Ware3237
    Cookie Sheet Med 13" x 12.25"1$21.95USA Pans1020MC
    TABLETOP + BAR    
    Riflessi Cooler8$6.95Bormioli & Luigi580516
    Riflessi DOF8$6.95Bormioli & Luigi580515
    Flatware 42pc Bergen1$126.99Ginko36145
    Brunch Board Winter Sketches1$98.95TagG12564
    Loft Soup Mug Light Gray8$29.95TagG14933
    Loft Mug Light Gray8$19.95TagG14932
    Loft Bowl Light Gray8$19.95TagG14931
    Loft Blate Light Gray8$29.95TagG14930
    Loft 11.25" Plate Light Gray8$29.95TagG14929
    Ankarsrum Mixer Forest Green1$749.95Ankarsrum2017
    Coffee Maker - Coffee Plus® 12-Cup Coffeemaker & Hot Water System1$129.95CuisinartCHW-16
    Ice Cream Maker - Compressor 1.5QT Ice Cream and Gelato Maker1$299.95CuisinartICE-100
    Food Processor Mini Prep Plus 4-Cup (Brushed Stainless Finish)SOLD$49.95CuisinartDLC-4CHB
    The All in One Processing Immersion Blender1$159.95Breville USABSB530XL
    Heirloom Knit Potholder Lagoon1$7.95Now Designs Danica2119618
    Chef's Oven Towel2$12.95Now Designs Danica2006001
    Tea Towel S/2 Fall Foliage1$14.95Now Designs Danica2232101
    Flour Sack Baker's White S/31$11.95Now Designs Danica911545
    Heirloom Waffle Dishtowel Jade1$10.95Now Designs Danica2064562
    Heirloom Waffle Dishtowel Ochre1$10.95Now Designs Danica2064002
    Heirloom Mitt Ochre2$9.95Now Designs Danica2110620
    Floursack CC Red1$11.95Now Designs Danica2252212
    Tea Towel Jacq Domino1$11.95Now Designs Danica7002664
    Mango Wood Mirror Asmt/21$43.95TagG14581
    Heirloom Sonnet Runner 13'' x 72'' Clay1$29.95Now Designs Danica1050617
    Heirloom Chambray Napkin S/4 Ochre2$24.95Now Designs Danica1758620


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