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Serving Utensils

Min: $0 Max: $25

Totally Bamboo Chopsticks Bamboo Twist

Put a new "twist" on dining with the Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks.


Cuisinart Ladle Barrel

The Barrel Handle Collection of kitchen tools and gadgets has a professional look and feel.


RSVP Serving Tongs Large

Inspired by the tongs seen in Parisian bakeries for their gentle hold on delicate pastries, the small tongs are ideal for serving a variety of fruits, vegetables and desserts while the large tongs are perfect for salads, dinner rolls or buffet items.


RSVP Serving Spoon Berry Wide

Beautiful for a dinner party or everyday use.


RSVP Salad Spoon Set/2 Endurance

Add a touch of contemporary elegance to any style serving bowl.


Salad Set Magnetic

Beautiful magnetic salad server set that can also be used at utensils on the stovetop!