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Fruit + Veggie Tools

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Microplane Citrus Tool 3 in 1

Create garnishes like the pros! This 3 in 1 tool is a necessity behind any bar; with a zester and TWO different sizes of garnish cutter this tool will help you in elevating most any drink!

Norpro Odor Remover
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Norpro Odor Remover

Make the odor of onions, garlic and fish disappear!

Norpro Garlic Peeling Mat
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Norpro Garlic Peeling Mat

"Peeled, clean garlic in seconds. This is the peeler that really works!"


Chef'n Artichokester Artichoke Tool

Get straight to the heart of things with the Artichokester™. We take pride in our innovative solutions to fresh prep challenges such as stripping kale, coring Brussels sprouts and prepping cauliflower. This year, we are tackling artichoke prep to make coo


Chef'n GarlicZoom 2.0

The iconic GarlicZoom® just got zoomier. This updated take on the Chef’n classic fits more garlic cloves, opens completely for easy access to the good garlicky stuff, and is designed for quick and easy cleaning without having to handle those sharp little


Tovolo Corn Picks Tight Grip

No slipping or messes with these handy corn tongs.


Tovolo Avocado Tool 3-1

This 3-in-1 Avocado Tool cuts, slices, pits and scoops making it the only tool you need to enjoy this healthy fruit.


Microplane Spiral Cutter CDU

Easily create spirals or ribbons from your favorite vegetables! This gadget is perfect for anyone who eats gluten free!


Chef'n Garlic Press Fresh Force

Garlic lovers rejoice! The perfect press has arrived. With its dual-gear mechanism, this gadget presses more garlic with less effort. Pop in some peeled garlic gloves and press your way to a more intense garlic flavor and aroma. 25% more efficient th


Zyliss Mango Slice & Peel

Safely remove mango pits with minimal waste with this incredible gadget, a must have in any fruit loving kitchen!


Jamie Oliver JO Masher

This masher by Jamie Oliver combines strength and elegance in its stainless steel design, this could be the last masher you ever need to buy!


Zyliss Garlic Press Susi 3

Mince garlic with ease using this garlic press by Zyliss. Clean up is also a cinch using the brush stored in the handle!


Zyliss Garlic and Root Mincer

A Cottonwood favorite! Effortlessly mince garlic while keeping those pungent odors off your hands.