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    Billie Bailey + Andrew Ault

    Billie Bailey + Andrew Ault

    Wedding Date is August 31st 2024 at Immanuel Lutheran

    To purchase a gift for the Happy Couple, please call us at

    307 674-7980


    DescriptionQuantityPriceVendorRe-Order #
    Cooks Tools    
    Collapsible Colander 3 QT Prep Solutions1$14.95ProgressivePS-3507
    Collapsible Colander 6 QT Over the Sink Prep Solutions1$27.95ProgressivePS-3509
    Apple Slicer Thin1$22.95ProgressiveGPC-2701
    Stainless Steel Shears with Soft Grip Accent1$17.95CuisinartC77-SHRSS
    Bash 'N Chop Bench Scraper2$11.95ProgressiveLGK-3620
    Y-Peeler ASTD1$9.99SwissmarYPEL-12/C
    Peeler Grip-Ez1$8.95Norpro110
    PL8 Pro Slicer1$47.95PL8PL8-1105
    PL8 Pro Pasta Maker1$74.95PL8PL8-1590
    Potato Ricer1$29.95Norpro162
    PL8 Fine Grater1$23.95PL8PL8-1179
    FC SLC Blender Spatula - Oyster Gray2$13.95Spectrum Tovolo30096-201
    Tip Top Tongs - Charcoal2$15.95Spectrum Tovolo81-9837
    Silicone Ladle - Charcoal1$15.95Spectrum Tovolo81-9943
    Potato Masher - Charcoal1$23.95Spectrum Tovolo81-9899
    Krona 12 Wire Balloon Whisk 13"1$19.95Norpro2321
    Canning Ladle1$15.95RSVPLAD-2
    Strainer Conical 5''1$19.95RSVPSTR-47
    Strainer 6" S/S1$13.95RSVP2126
    Funnel Set/3 S/S1$14.95Norpro252
    High Capacity Digital Kitchen Scale1$34.95Lifetime Brands3851
    Microwave Mat Progressive1$14.95ProgressivePS-80GY
    Optima Olive Oil Bottle1$19.95Bormioli Rocco11089/01
    Ice Cream Scoop Antifreeze1$7.95Norpro681
    Leaf Spoon Rest - Bronze1$14.95Spectrum Tovolo97524
    Pizza Wheel Grip-Ez2$11.95Norpro111
    Squeeze Bottle2$3.95Harold43163
    Tea Infuser Mesh 3''1$7.95RSVP709
    Fruit Slicer Multi-Function1$16.95CuisinartCTG-00-MFFS
    Taylor Instant Read Thermometer1$14.95Lifetime Brands9840
    PARMA PLUS Cookware Set 10PC1$279.95Zwilling75003-104-0
    Signature Round Dutch Oven 7.25QT Artichaut1$459.95Le CreusetLS2501-28795SS
    Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole 4QT (12x9) Artichaut1$134.95Le CreusetPG07053A-33795
    Heritage Loaf Pan 1.5QT/1LB (9"x5"x3") Artichaut1$55.95Le CreusetPG1049-23795
    Outset Grill Press Rectangular2$23.95Fox Run BrandsQ111
    Outset Verde Flex Griddle Spatula2$17.95Fox Run BrandsQV12
    Cookware Multiclad Pro 12 PC1$299.95CuisinartMCP-12N
    Demi Kettle 1.25QT Artichaut1$83.95Le CreusetQ9401-795
    Grill Pan 11'' Parma Plus1$64.95Zwilling75003-099-0
    Roast Pan Set S/S1$49.95Norpro272
    WCS Cutting Board Brand1$89.95Western Creative SolutionsCutting Board Brand
    CLASSIC Cooks 8"1$169.95Wusthof979783
    Cake Pan Naturals High Sided Sheet Cake Lidded1$29.95Nordicware44703
    Measuring Spoons Endurance1$17.95NorproDSP-4
    Measuring Cups Grip-Ez S/S1$44.95Norpro3067
    Pastry Blender1$11.95Norpro3245
    Cooling Rack Copper 16".7" x 11.5" Stackable Set of 21$37.95Nordicware43727
    Rolling Pin Gourmet 12"1$31.95JK AdamsGRP-3
    Marsden Rolling Pin Regular - Apple1$29.95Lloyd MarsdenMWA REG - Apple
    Tabletop + Bar    
    20pc Barware Set by True1$89.95TRUE10679
    Titanium Pro Chardonnay/Viognier Glass6$15.95Ravenscroft CrystalTIP-32
    Titanium Pro Highball Glass6$17.95Ravenscroft CrystalTIP-50
    Titanium Pro DOF6$15.95Ravenscroft CrystalTIP-20
    Bubble Glass Clear Pitcher Round1$59.95Tag650045
    Corkscrew Soar Winged Matte Black1$13.95TRUE7637
    Bottle Stopper Expand & Seal2$3.95Harold20411PRO
    Pepper Mill Paris Select 7" Walnut1$74.95Peugeot34917
    Salt Mill Paris Select 7" Walnut1$74.95Peugeot34924
    Small Appliances    
    Cuisinart Stand Mixer - Precision Master 5.5QT (Agave Green)1$249.95CuisinartSM-50G
    Toaster 4 Slice1$49.95CuisinartCPT-142P1
    Multi Cooker Cook Central 6QT1$159.95CuisinartMSC-600
    Heirloom Potholder Jade2$7.95Danica Now Designs2065562
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