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Tea Forte

Tea Forte
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Tea Forte Kati Cup Warming Joy 2020

Loose tea by the cup.....simple. Our double-walled ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make steeping loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps the tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Holds 12 oz.


Tea Forte Single Steeps Hanami

The perfect measure for the perfect cup™ Single Steeps® easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Contains 15 pre-measured pouches.


Tea Forte Tea Chest Warming Joy

A beautiful reusable serving box that can be conveniently refilled with trays from your favorite Presentation Box. Perfect when company comes calling — or to savor during a quiet moment. The open lid reveals a detailed tea menu for easy flavor selection.