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True Glass Brushes Set of 2

Glimmer Glassware Brushes are designed to leave every crevice of glasses and decanters crystal clear and scratch-free. They’re long, limber and reusable, giving you a gentle, thorough clean of drinkware every time. Two reusable high-tensile foam brushes.


True Cork Holder Decor Word Wine

Are you a wine lover? Cork collector extraordinaire? Spell it out with a four letter "WINE" cork holder. With its detached design you can arrange the letters in any configuration you like. The open face design creates ample space for collected corks!


True Liquor Decanter Rothwell

This classic liquor decanter recalls the delicate arc of a royal coronet, complete with a weighty stopper atop the bottle where a jewel might otherwise sit. Hand-blown from lead-free crystal to showcase 36oz. of your choice of libation.