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Zyliss Zyliss Egg Cutter

The multi-purpose Zyliss Egg Cutter allows eggs to be safely hardboiled and then sliced or weighed cleanly. Before hard boiling, use the integrated shell-piercing tool to vent a small hole in the egg to prevent the eggshell from cracking while boiling.


Zyliss Turner Easy Lift

Combining both a turning and scraping spatula in one product!


Zyliss Spatula Does It All

Do just about anything a spatula can do with this incredible kitchen gadget!


Zyliss Opener 5 Way

Struggling with that can or jar? This multi function opener is your ticket to get inside! The Zyliss 5 Way Opener is a simple and convenient solution for opening a variety of cans and jars.


Zyliss Mango Slice & Peel

Safely remove mango pits with minimal waste with this incredible gadget, a must have in any fruit loving kitchen! Mangos are delicious, but can be a messy challenge to peel and slice. The Zyliss 3-in-1 Mango Tool makes enjoying this delicious fruit a bree


Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop Right Bright

Sure to brighten up any kitchen, this ergonomically designed ice cream scoop will glide through the hardest of frozen desserts!


Zyliss Garlic Press Susi 3

Mince garlic with ease using this garlic press by Zyliss. Clean up is also a cinch using the brush stored in the handle!


Zyliss Can Opener Safety Edge

Open any size can safely and efficiently with this wonderful can opener by Zyliss!


Zyliss Can Opener Lock-N-Lift

This lock and lift can opener will easily open any size can and makes lid disposal safer and more convenient.


Zyliss Easy Slice Cake Server

This cake server combines ease of use with a sleek design to ensure flawless dessert delivery.


Zyliss Basting Brush Silicone

This silicone basting brush is designed for comfort and performance! With robust silicone bristles and a detachable head for cleaning, BBQing just got easy.