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Tall straight sides and large capacity make enamel on steel Stockpots ideal for soups, stocks, cooking pasta and boiling seafood. Enamel on steel stockpot delivers fast heating performance of premium carbon steel glazed in our beautiful palette of colors.

Lightweight and durable, carbon steel rapidly brings water to a boil to speed up prep and cooking and retains heat to keep food and liquids warm. The easy to clean colorful porcelain enamel coating is non-reactive and resistant to stains and flavors, making enamel on steel stockpots ideal for everyday use.


  • Crafted from responsive and lightweight carbon steel to quickly bring water to a boil.
  • Excellent heat retention to keep food and liquids warm.
  • Vibrant porcelain enamel is non-reactive, nonporous, and resists stains, rust, scratches and flavor absorption.
  • Stainless steel rim around the top edge prevents chipping and cracking.
  • Heat-resistant knobs stay cool to the touch for safe, secure handling.
  • Compatible with all cooktops.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water.
  • Not suitable for use in the oven or microwave, or on an unregulated heat source such as a barbecue, grill, open fire, wood burner or pizza oven.