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BaseCamp is a Snowy Elk craft-blend of two single-origin coffee beans from eastern Africa and Indonesia/Papua New Guinea region. Grown on small and sustainable specialty farms, these beans are harvested in fall through early winter. Roast​: Medium

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Product description

Snowy Elk house blend has a bold sweetness, with a fruity aroma and hints of blueberry pie.

This coffee won a Bronze medal at the 2019 International Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition for its close to perfection roast as a milk latte. We are proud of this one, which is why it's our house blend. This coffee is your companion on outdoor adventures. Brew it hot and put it in your thermos or mug, and take it with you hiking, biking, mountaineering or just sitting on your back porch outside!

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee, specialty-grade quality.

With medium roasts, the acidity low is balanced with a heavier body. This allows you to taste the “origin flavors” of the coffee, with a well-rounded body and mouth-feel. Medium roasts are also great options for brewing espresso, due to it's enhanced flavors and lack of bitterness.

Snowy Elk roasts these two single-origin beans separately, to a specific roast profile that brings out the natural flavors of the beans' origin, then blend them together to create our signature house coffee, BaseCamp. Blending a lighter-roasted African bean with a darker-roasted Indonesian bean allows for a brightness and sometimes fruity blueberry flavor to compliment bolder and more rustic notes, creating a well-balanced medium-bodied coffee, with a harmonious and homey feel.

Snowy Elk is a Wyoming-based coffee roaster located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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