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Harold Baking Mat Jelly Roll Size

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat for baking jelly roll cake, breads, dough, and other pastries, and cooking sweet and savory dishes. Made from silicone and natural glass fibers for even heat transfer. Temperature safe for use in the oven and freezer to 480°F


Harold Pie Marker 8 Piece

Cut pies in even 8 slices! Mrs. Anderson's Pie Marker scores pies with a visible guideline for cutting 8 even slices Simple to use; center over pie and gently press downward; remove pie marker and cut along perforations.


Harold Pie Crust Maker 14"

Mrs. Anderson's Easy Pie Crust Maker for rolling perfectly sized pie crusts with consistent thickness to bake evenly without the floury mess. Roll crust for 11 to 12-inch, dust flour on dough, place inside, hand press flat, seal, roll dough to the edge.


Harold Quiche Round 10"

Round Quiche Dish for making quiche, appetizers, casseroles, entrees, desserts and other family favorite recipes. Made from fine-quality porcelain; lead and cadmium free; measures 10" in Diameter x 1.5-inches deep; holds 32-ounces.


Harold Quiche 9 x 1

Imported 9" Quiche tinned steel pan with removeable bottom.


Harold Quiche 11 x 1

An open-faced tart shows off fresh berries like no other dessert. When you use a classic French pan like this one, tarts are easy to prepare at home. 11" Diameter


Harold Pasta Drying Rack Atlas

After preparing the dough and cutting it into the preferred pasta shape, all you need is the accessory to roll it out and let it dry before cooking. You can combine your tastes and style requirements.


Harold Serving Bowl Harold 13" Rnd

Large pasta serving bowl; perfect for everyday use or special occasion and holiday entertaining


Harold Deviled Egg Plate

Holds 24 eggs. Center is for salt or seasoning


Harold Egg Timer Perfect Egg

HIC’s Perfect Egg with color-changing indicator uses heat to sense cooking times for perfectly cooked soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs


Harold Creamer 3oz SS

Creamer, 3 oz., stainless steel