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Harold Serving Bowl Harold 13" Rnd

Large pasta serving bowl; perfect for everyday use or special occasion and holiday entertaining


Harold Bottle Stopper Expand & Seal

Bottle Stopper, leak proof, insert into any standard-size bottle, press the lever down for airtight seal


Harold Gravy Boat/Ladle Set

HIC Gravy Boat for serving and ladling gravy, broth, au jus, sauce, salad dressing, and more


Harold Deviled Egg Plate

Holds 24 eggs. Center is for salt or seasoning


Harold Egg Timer Perfect Egg

HIC’s Perfect Egg with color-changing indicator uses heat to sense cooking times for perfectly cooked soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs


Harold Creamer 3oz SS

Creamer, 3 oz., stainless steel

Harold Toast Tong Bamboo 6.5"
Sold out

Harold Toast Tong Bamboo 6.5"

HIC's Bamboo Toast Tongs for gripping toast, bagels, toaster pastries, pocket foods, pizza bites, and more without burnt fingers