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Republic of Tea Iced Green Tea Pineapple Orange Guava

Find yourself a spot in the sun as our Pineapple Orange Guava Green Iced Tea takes you on a vacation.


Republic of Tea Green Tea Daily Kiwi Pear

This China green tea is luscious with the naturally sweet flavor of ripe pears and tropical tang of kiwi.


Republic of Tea Iced Herbal Tea Blueberry Lavender

Sip, refresh and nourish your skin from the inside out.


Republic of Tea Iced Green Tea Strawberry Basil

This organic, farmers' market-inspired iced green tea combines sun-ripened strawberries and fresh basil. Basil provides an herbal accent to subtly sweet berries for a sophisticated summer sip.


Republic of Tea Iced Herbal Tea Hibiscus Sangria

Inspired by the traditional Spanish sangria, this delightful caffeine-free herbal blend infuses tangy, premium Nigerian hibiscus flowers with a bounty of fruit.


Republic of Tea Iced Coconut Water Matcha

Matcha and coconut go together like the beach and a good book.


Republic of Tea Black Tea Ginger Peach

Fresh peach notes are complemented by a mild, zesty hint of ginger in this amber infusion.