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Republic of Tea Be Well Tea Get Clean

Smooth hints of vanilla balance nicely with citrusy, organic rooibos in this premium herbal blend.


Republic of Tea Herbal Tea Elderberry

Cup of Protection - Valued for thousands of years for its healing benefits, the versatile elderberry has a long history in popular folklore.


Republic of Tea Iced Coconut Water Mango

Relaxing days spent outdoors require hydration. Created with a freeze-dried coconut water base, this tea will keep your body happy all day.


Republic of Tea Be Well Tea Get Some ZZZ'S

Herb Tea for Rest - Say goodnight to tossing and turning.


Republic of Tea Be Well Tea Get Probiotic

Trust your gut? Absolutely. The digestive system is nothing short of a miracle.


Republic of Tea Be Well Tea Get Burning

Smooth and warming, this energizing cup of spiciness is balanced by a mellow base of organic green rooibos.


Republic of Tea Double Tea Red Rooibos

In the world of tea, red means rooibos.